The land of Corel was once a vibrant kingdom, but that was before the traitor mage Istar usurped the king using the power of a Spirit Jewel and took the throne for himself. Now the land is plagued with darkness as his Imperial Army and blood rituals scour the land in search of more.


There is hope however. A small Rebel Faction operating out of the forest and led by Princess Flick repels Istar’s advances with Spirit Jewels of their own. Loyalists aided by the denizens of the forest and the returned champion Knave, who rescued the princess from Istar’s confinement.


As their battle wages, Corel is breaking and other forces begin to stir. The Order of the Spirit Jewels has long kept their power secret and would see them returned, whilst beneath the ocean waves the Kingdom of the Dead wakes from its eternal slumber. From the very stars, the creators of the Spirit Jewels can feel their return and in turn begin an exodus to Corel to face their ancient foe once more on the field of battle. These Starmen bring with them great power for good or evil.


The Spirit Jewel Cycle has begun. War comes to Corel, and it may take more than heroes to change the tide of battle . . .

KNAVE is a fast paced card game where two or more players clash over possession of powerful magical relics known as Spirit Jewels. Designed by Matthew Sangster, Ben Warren with rules that can be quickly learned but possess the tactical depth that encourages the effort to master them. Originally designed as an alternative to the overly-expensive card games available on the market, the game uses an easy print and play system that encourages sharing between friends.