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The Spirit Jewel Cycle - Rebel Faction

November 03, 2015

Based in the forest of the Nutmen, Princess Flick leads a select band of loyallists and home-grown denizens of the woodland into battle. At her side the hero Knave offers a strong right hand and the guardians of the forest offer her their council.


The Rebel Faction specialises is the use of Equip Cards which can quickly turn unassuming characters into powerful warriors.

The Spirit Jewel Cycle - Istar Empire

November 03, 2015

A cruel and powerful mage who has managed to use the power of a Spirit Jewel to split the veil and summon powerful Demons to his cause, Istar is a man of unrivalled ambition. Aided by the traitor-general Thanas and his own dark priests at the head of a devoted army of trained soldiers.


Empire decks specialise in Event Cards and can Promote their low-level Soldiers into more advanced Knights.

The Spirit Jewel Cycle - Order of the Spirit Jewels

May 17, 2016

Since before recorded time it has been the sole responcibility of the Order of the Spirit Jewels to keep their magical power safely secret from the world. Now, in the light of Istar's invasion of Princess Flick's kingdom the Order has finally come out of hiding, bringing with them the tools of war from over 1000 years ago.

Order cards are tricketers who rely on guile to steal tactics out from under an opponent or shift damage in unexpected ways.

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