Stellar Evolution is a game of strategy set in a distant future where mankind makes its home among the stars. Choose a race and select your fleet from the varied units available to you before leading them into battle against another player. Destroy enemy forces and capture key stratigic ships in order to become the ultimate victor.

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Across the vast reaches of space an ancient force so powerful that it once brought the universe to its knees is stirring. Long ago the Maramarter, an immortal race of energy based intelligence, discovered that the peaceful world of Estelle possessed the technology to create hard-light constructs. Should their minds ever turn to war, the Maramarter feared that this could be the first time another race had developed a means by which to harm their non-physical awareness, and so they set out to eradicate both Estelle and all its people.

But the Estellians were a resourceful and well liked race and they banded together with allies to defend themselves against the Maramarter. Across the known universe stars blinked out of existance as whole solar systems were destroyed.


Eventually the few remaining Estellians, their homeworld destroyed and allies dwindling, went into hiding and simply vanished. The Maramarter, unable to find them, dissapeared from the universe, leaving behind dormant factories across a million systems that exist to this day. Waiting for a time when
the Estellians show themselves and their threat can be ended.

Thousands of years have passed since that time, new races evolved and discovered space-travel. Among them the Human race, newly christened Terrans by the varied alien worlds they discovered. The Terrans did what they have always done best, exploring and spreading. A small scientific station on the cusp of known space seeks to unravel the mystery of the long-dormant Forge Worlds that seem to inhabit every system, but instead accidentally discovers a Estellian woman sleeping in cryo-stasis.


Now, sensing their enemies’ return, the Maramarter are waking up primed for war, and they’re looking to destroy any species that’s standing between them and the last Estellian. Humanity is about to find itself caught in the middle of a
war they didn’t want, and possibly won’t be able to survive . . .











Once you've downloaded the free fleets, print off more than you'll need. Then you will have a wider range of ships to choose from when forming your fleet. Remember that COMMAND CARDS contain special orders and can also be purchased using Fleet Points before a game.