The Stellar Evolution Rulebook contains everything you'll need to know in order to start playing a game including fleet information for both the Maramarter and Terran forces. Detailed information on how to build and play fleets can be found here.


Additional updates for the Rulebook are included in the Advanced Playset as well as the Estellian and Nil packs and sit as new sections at the rulebook's back.


Containing 3 battle Grids, Terrain, 15 Command Cards and over 90 damage counters, the Basic Play Set paves the way for your fleets to do battle by providing you with all of your non-ship needs.


With an additional 3 battle Grids, 6 new types of Terrain and 15 additional Command Cards, the Advanced Play Set more than doubles the options available to you and adds new more complex scenarios to those found in the Basic set. Battle your opponents on the edge of a star, inside an asteroid field and amidst a starship graveyard.


Humans are the youngest of the races to make their presence felt in the depths of space, relying on traditional home-grown technology and channelling the power of the sun as a power supply. The easiest of the fleets to command, they utilise Battleships and squads of Fighters to turn the tide of battle. The full Terran Fleet can be found in this single pack.


The Maramarter were the scourge of the ancient world, living energy capable
of possessing mechanical devices to give themselves physical form. ‘Forge Worlds’, churn out an ever growing host or warriors and ships to fuel their war machine. In battle they prioritise strength over all else, making for powerful if slow moving units on the battlefield.


The Estellians employ hard-light holographic technology to create unmanned fleets that could defend them. Though this advancement came too late to save their people, the remnants of this advanced civilisation occasionally engage other fleets in battle, defending once valuable regions of space or acting out on battle plans long defunct.


Gigantic space leviathans, the Nil are the natural inhabitants of the void. Birthed to drift through space, always hungry and feeding on almost anything they encounter, the size of even the smallest dwarfs most ships. Some races refer to them as world-killers that despite their best efforts have continued to multiply and breed in vast numbers in the depths of space.